FULL PACKAGE | 25€ user / month
Planning  |  Allocation  |  Financial  |  Operational modules

Create and manage entities and contacts
Schedule your activities
Create arrangements and associated events
Create and manage cost centers
Create and manage opportunity database
Manage documents and data workflow
Sales funnel pipeline configuration
Budget creation and management
Manage Payroll
Team Management
Define users and user ID
Manage internal and external resources
Allocate resources to activities
Define extra fees and costs for specific activities
Create mass allocations and ad-hoc allocation
Export expenses by cost center and supplier
Manage holidays, days off and unavailability
Obtain duty rosters, allocation maps, schedules and timetables
Intranet Portal
Consult personal timetable
What's on: see who's working and their data
Allow users to obtain their invoicing information
Register unavailability
Extra Module

ASSET MANAGEMENT  | +15€ user / month
Manage | Plan & Allocate Assets

Asset Management
Create asset directory manually or by ERP integration
Create asset ID
Define asset proprieties (maintenance cycles, cost table, rental, transportation, insurance)
Asset historical data (usage, maintenance, loans and borrows)
Manage stock, loans, borrows and maintenances
Create working orders related to equipment

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We understand Show production. Representing multiple functional areas, coordinating many people, and sourcing the corret equipment all combine to challenge the best events planner. SuricataCRM forSHOWBIZ seamlessly weaves complexity into simplicity and success, making your guests experience the event as intended: A pleasurable exprience. 

SuricataCRM forSHOWBIZ

Standard Support

Telephone and email support
Daily Back-ups
API Enabled
API Support

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Premium Support

Consulting Services Pack
Remote Desktop
All software update

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Extra Services

On permises installation
Third-party software full integration service
New feature development 

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Remote Training Pack (4 Hours)
On Job Training Pack 

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SuricataCRM is a suite of applications assembled in packs in order to respond to specific industry needs. Nevertheless, you can build your own solution feature by feature and individualize the CRM that responds to your business specificities. 

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