ESSENTIALS | 30€ user / month
CRM  |  Opportunities  |  Entities  |  Budgets 

Create and manage opportunities
Manage sales activity, meetings and schedule
Support business management process
Create and manage contracts
Define personal and team dashboards with custom information
Set sale pipelines, graphics and opportunities widgets
Customize your own widgets
Obtain and share up to date digital product catalogs
Integrate with ERP to obtain invoicing information and manage collection
Create SLA batch notifications for opportunities
Integrate CRM with online store and manage sales activity
Savana - Platform Core Essentials
Set notifications
Install and customize microapps
Navigate through tabs
Configure business rules
Manage screens and field
Extra Module

PROJECT MANAGEMENT  | +10€ user / month
Manage  |  Project Tracking  |  Time register  |  Project reporting | Help desk  

PM - Project Management
Plan project tasks
Consult resources availability chart
Track projects
Obtain detailed timesheets and rentability and margins reports
Register times: Real Time Tracking (Stop and Play)
Help Desk: integrate customer service tickets via website or e-mail
Create service ticket dashboards
Obtain schedules and share calendar with your team
Integrate with time clock and create assiduity dashboards
Manage vacations and absences
Extra Module

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT | +20€ user / month
Workflow  |  Meta information

Document Management
Store documents on Suricata data bunker;
Create folder’s hierarchical system
Create permissions groups and attribute
Create workflow document archive and define document templates
Create Custom Templates for Meta information

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SuricataCRM for Services was built from the ground up to simplify the daily operation of service companies. Built as an end to end tool to cover all operation, SuricataCRM for Services will help you manage leads, opportunities, budgets, contracts, invoincing, documents, project management, timesheets, tickets and many other aspects related to your business processes.


Standard Support

Telephone and email support
Daily Back-ups
API Enabled
API Support

(included on monthly license)

Premium Support 

Remote support 
All software
Consulting services pack 

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Extra services

On Premises installation
Third-party software full integration service
New feature development 

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CRM Cloud for small and medium business.

SuricataCRM is a suite of applications assembled in packs in order to respond to specific industry needs. Nevertheless, you can build your own solution feature by feature and individualize the CRM that responds to your business specificities. 

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